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The healing trajectory for a survivor of violent crime is a personal one, and not a straight line. No one gets to tell a survivor how to heal or what they need. At some point, if you are a survivor of violent crime you might feel it’s time to reach out to others to deepen your healing journey, because you are looking for accountability through a Victim Offender Dialogue process or because telling your story is a part of your work.

This page provides a few resources for survivors of severe and violent crime - survivors of homicide, physical violence, child sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence and other such crimes who are looking to connect to others or to healing resources.

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice is a national network of crime survivors joining together to create healing communities and shape public policy.

The trauma recovery center in San Francisco facilitates healing for adult survivors of trauma, violence, and loss through an innovative clinically proven model of comprehensive care, advocacy, and outreach. Their holistic and survivor centered model is being replicated across the nation. The homepage features an after sexual assault tool kit for survivors.

The Living Bridges Project is an anonymous story-collecting project documenting responses to child sexual abuse.

HEAL (Hidden Encounters Altered Lives) is a project that aims to prevent Child Sexual Abuse by making visible the hidden tools used to guilt, shame, coerce and inflict violence onto children and challenging the culture of shame around sex and sexuality.

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