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Rasheed Stanley-Lockheart

Reentry Program Director 

Rasheed Stanley-Lockheart is a formerly incarcerated person who has spent most of his adult life incarcerated. Growing up in a world surrounded by toxic-masculinity, Rasheed was able to find the love, empathy and emotional connections he needed to hold space for healing. He participated and facilitated groups within the prisons like S.Q.U.I.R.E.S., VOEG, and a mens healing circle. Most recently Rasheed worked with a grass roots orginization Called Planting Justice where he worked as a Reentry coordinator. This became a life-long journey that would center his focus around currently and formerly incarcerated people.Having spent over two decades of his life incarcerated, Rasheed brings to his work his firsthand experience with the criminal justice system and his ability to navigate complex issues and ambiguous environments. In addition to his work with The Ahimsa Collective, Rasheed also serves as an advocate for Formerly Incarcerated people and has been featured in multiple media outlets. Most recently Rasheed has been a strong advocate in helping to change a law (AB2147) that barred Formerly Incarcerated Firefighters from getting EMT certifications which would allow them to seek firefighting careers post incarceration.

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