Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD)* &

Survivor Engagement Program Coordinator 

Half Time Position

Position Overview

The Coordinator is responsible for supporting the following programs:

  • Assist The Ahimsa Collective VOD Program in all aspects of the program. The goal is to expand the statewide program by increasing diverse facilitator capacity. This includes training survivors of harm and formerly incarcerated people to facilitate the VODs. We will increase outreach to inform about the existence of this program.

  • Assist in developing the Accountability Letter Bank (ALB): We are working in collaboration with the Office of Victims Survivors Rights and Services (OVSRS) to identify currently and formerly incarcerated people who seek to write an apology letter to the person they harmed. Participants receive support in their letter writing process from survivors who seek to contribute to the healing journey from violence to accountability and thus foster their own healing. The Program Coordinator will assist in the design, organization and implementation of this program.

  • Coordinate the Survivors of Harm Care Project. We seek avenues to connect survivors with each other to allow moments of healing – specifically, by offering support group participation, retreats, and individual healing work. This project works in collaboration with our Restorative Justice in Community program. 

Job Responsibilities

VOD Program Support 

  • Offer administrative and program support to the VOD program director.

  • Become a VOD facilitator if desired. 

Accountability Letter Bank Project Coordination

  • Support and oversee the logistics of the apology letter writing project. 

  • Expand opportunities for people who have caused harm to write apology letters. 

Survivors of Harm Care Project Coordination 

  • Support and oversee survivor online group facilitators. 

  • Identify, invite and mentor survivors support groups.

  • Support survivor engagement in several projects.  

Administrative Support for VOD, Apology Letter and Survivor Harm Care Project

  • Help to create tracking structures and functional systems for all projects.

  • Oversee scheduling: dialogues, meetings, groups, trainings, and special events. 

  • Code, track and submit receipts, invoices and reimbursements. 

  • Lead logistics coordination for special events (e.g. survivor retreat). 

  • Support and track all volunteer engagement. 

Other Responsibilities include:

  • Participate in Ahimsa Collective staff meetings, committee meetings, and other events. 

  • Being present one to two days of the week (Wednesday) + one flex day at The Ahimsa Collective office in Oakland, CA.

  • New job responsibilities as assigned.


  • 2-5 years experience in administrative tasks.

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to details.

  • Strong ability to track multiple projects at once.

  • Strong experience using Google docs, spreadsheets, WIX, Office,,  case management systems and other online platforms to organize and track documents.

  • Ability to manage and complete workload independently. Self-motivated & self-paced.

  • Experience working with survivors and people who have committed harm.

  • Capacity to self-reflect, grow, forgive oneself, work with a team, and work through conflict. Strong communication skills are a must.

  • Willingness to communicate through many media platforms in a timely way, and depending on the needs of participants: email, phone, text, etc.

  • Relationship-building skills, passion for creating deep community connections.

  • A solid understanding of racial justice and patriarchy in specific and social justice in general, and how it impacts our work and our communities.


Compensation & Benefits

  • Starting salary is $35,000.

  • Benefits include health coverage, paid sick leave, vacation and holidays. 


* A note about language: Labels such as “ victim” and “offender” can trap people in the identity. Many people don’t identify with these labels, and people’s life experiences are more than the worst moment in their lives. We generally do not use this term, but Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) is the standard name used for this nationally recognized process. We use the terms “person who committed a harm / responsible person” and “person who was harmed / harmed person,” “survivor” or  “person requesting  the VOD.”

How to Apply

Apply immediately by emailing with your resume and cover letter to Write your full name and “VOD and Survivor Engagement Coordinator” on the subject line. Application deadline is rolling. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. 


The Ahimsa Collective is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to maintaining a culturally diverse work environment that reflects the make-up of the communities we serve. People with diverse personal experiences are urged to apply, especially people of color, bilingual English-Spanish speakers, LGBTQIA+, women-identified, and those that have been formerly incarcerated or impacted by incarceration.