RJ in the Community and Special Projects Program Manager

(half time position)

Position Overview

The Ahimsa Program Manager is responsible for managing the Restorative Justice in the Community (RJC) program. This survivor-centered program makes restorative justice, interventions to harm and healing from harm accessible to those seeking justice, healing, and accountability for harm they have experienced or caused—all without going through the criminal legal system. While much of our work is around processes that lead to an eventual facilitated dialogue between people, we also work one-on-one with survivors on their healing journey, and one-on-one with those who've caused harm who are looking to heal and explore accountability for themselves. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor the “Contact” and “RJC” email accounts and respond to those reaching out to the Ahimsa Collective. For non-RJC inquiries, determine how best to respond by reaching out to colleagues. For RJC inquiries, arrange and conduct a first call to determine appropriateness of process and how to take next steps. 

  • Facilitate monthly RJC facilitator meetings and bi-weekly RJC Working Group meetings. 

  • Track all processes, ensuring facilitators are paid and all paying participants are invoiced, make check-in calls with facilitators to discuss processes and troubleshoot issues, and coordinate back-end logistics of the program.

  • Co-facilitate RJC processes of your own. 

  • Co-lead design and writing of the RJC manual or toolkit with the RJC working group and other contracted writers.

  • Co-lead future trainings and webinars as related to the RJC program.

  • Manage of Special Projects as they arise with the Ahimsa Collective. This will be part time project management and part time administrative support, depending on the work. The scope of projects include administrative support for training, to project managing an event or a short circle series. 

  • Co-Facilitate one group at one of our prisons in which we work (MCP, VSP, SATF, CCWF or CTF) depending on the need and applicant's interest. 

  • Participate in Ahimsa Collective staff meetings, committee meetings, and other events. 

  • Other activities as assigned.


  • 2-5 years experience facilitating restorative justice processes.

  • 2-5 years experience managing and developing a program.

  • Has worked with survivors and people who have committed harm.

  • Relationship-building skills, passion for creating deep community connections.

  • A strong understanding of the many environmental, social, and historical conditions that impact communities of color, and a commitment to support communities of color in their own agency and leadership.

  • A solid understanding of racial justice and patriarchy in specific and social justice in general, and how it impacts our work and our communities.

  • Strong organizational skills and a strong ability to track multiple projects at once.

  • Ability to manage, track, and complete workload independently. Self motivated, self paced, and self driven. This is a highly self motivated job. Applicants should have a strong work ethic.

  • Capacity to self reflect, grow, forgive oneself, work with a team, and work through conflict. Strong communication skills are a must.

  • Ability to work occasionally on nights and weekends.

  • Ability to attend conferences or events.

  • Willingness to communicate through many media platforms in a timely way, and depending on the needs of participants: email, phone, text, etc.


 Compensation & Benefits

  • This is a half-time (20 hours per week) position.

  • Starting salary is $32,500–$35,000 depending on experience.

  • Benefits include health coverage, paid sick leave, vacation and holidays. 

How to Apply

Apply immediately by emailing with your resume and cover letter to Write your full name and “RJC Program Manager” on the subject line. Application deadline is rolling. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. 


The Ahimsa Collective is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to maintaining a culturally diverse work environment that reflects the make-up of the communities we serve. People with diverse personal experiences are urged to apply, especially people of color, bilingual English-Spanish speakers, LGBTQIA+, women-identified, and those that have been formerly incarcerated or impacted by incarceration.