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Alison Espinosa-Setchko

Associate Social Worker

I was born and raised in the East Bay, CA, and identify as a biracial (Mexican-American and white), queer/pansexual, woman. I received my Masters in Social Work in 2022 and work as an Associate Social Worker at The Ahimsa Collective. As an abolitionist and as someone whose family has been impacted by the U.S. criminal legal system, a part of my journey also includes challenging the field of social work’s complicity with the carceral system and uplifting alternative responses to harm that create true safety and wholeness for all communities. I have spent much of my adult life working in Bay Area restorative justice organizations helping to create transformative, healing spaces for women of color survivors of sexual harm, currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, and youth in Oakland and Richmond schools. Some of my greatest joys include spending time with friends and family, playing in nature, and bearing witness to the magic that is possible when we say yes to healing.

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