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Reentry House Picture



Our reentry house is a safe, supportive home for community members returning from prison.

  • We believe people returning from prison deserve the same respect, equity, and support that everyone else deserves. 

  • We also believe in honoring each person’s agency. We fiercely support each person’s freedom to define what “thriving” looks like for them, and to pursue the goals they set for themselves. 

  • We welcome residents to stay for as long as they need to. This is a space to gain their bearings, breathe easy, and feel safe as they figure out their path in the world, at their own pace. 

  • During their stay, residents can count on all their basic needs being met – clothing, food, transportation, a safe place to sleep – and become part of a mutually supportive community. 

  • Together, residents in the house create their own community. Collectively, they make all the decisions that relate to their living conditions. 

  • The only “rule” in our reentry house is reflected in our name, ahimsa, a Sanskrit word that means “do no harm.” 

  • When conflicts and new challenges arise, we trust ourselves and each other to work things out through honest communication. 

  • We oppose exploitative approaches to reentry housing in which state or private entities seek to profit from the struggles of the people they purport to serve. 

  • Equally, we oppose any approach that reproduces the dynamics of the carceral system by depriving people of agency, dignity, and freedom. 


If you'd like to learn more about the reentry house, please contact our Reentry Program Director, Rasheed Stanley-Lockheart, at You can also check out our photo gallery which includes photos of the house.

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